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Multiple Goals

Create Goals for Onboarding

Onboarding can really be a hectic task, especially if you are not keeping track of the whole process. Today managers have to go through various steps to finalize the candidate for the position. It takes application search, spotting the right one, evaluation and then finalizing the one and starting a calling or email process. TeamingWay enables you to create multiple goals, set the trackable targets and easily manage your onboarding through Goals in TeamingWay.

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Manage Candidates through Collaboration

Hiring, retaining or even terminating or assigning leaves to require full collaboration. You need to have proper messaging or communication ways to reach out to the employees. Manage it all through the tasks management feature in the TeamingWay. You can keep all the documents save through one platform, have clear communication, and assign specific tasks to other HR managers. A manager can use stream, channel and direct messages feature to stay in touch with the teams.

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Up-to-date With Everything

Analyze the Potential Candidate through Analytics

Hard to get the right candidate out of all the applications? TeamingWay solves it all for you by offering Gantt pictures and proper visuals of all the analysis. Spot the right candidate, right through the analytics charts and get a bigger picture through the graphic on employee management for the long term. Graphics gives you a better and clearer idea to get the right candidate in time for the interview.

Online Meetings

Stay in Touch with Senior Management and Employees

Hiring can be remote these days, and managing remote interviews can be a lot of headaches. With TeamingWay, you can host online meetings through fully integrated communication apps. Include all the members in the meeting for an interview. It makes it easy to reach out to potential candidates without complexion the interview process at all.

Private and Public Channels
Private and Public Channels

Connect with the New Members Internally

Get connected with the new and old team members of the company through private and public channels as handling the matters requires a connection. Create separate topics and manage all the communication in an organized way through these channels. New candidates can get the information or ask relevant questions to eliminate any kind of confusion.

Do you think your HR managers need an organized system for Human resources processes? TeamingWay is the best way to collaborate, manage the process of hiring, onboarding and offboarding. Check out the latest and ever-improving features to know more about the TeamingWay for HR in detail.


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