Organize Your Healthcare Services by Managing the Processes with TeamingWay

Manage everything from scheduling the appointments to the evaluation of the surgery results with visuals with the one platform for all.

  • Managed workflow
  • Evaluation reports with File explorer
  • Collaborate with doctors
  • Inventory management

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Organize the Healthcare Duties with Efficiency

Manage all external and internal communication by using TeamingWay

Patient Data

Keeping the patient's data secure

Teamingway keeps all the data secure. You can grant goal or task access to specific members to maintain the privacy protocol of your patients. Use custom roles for accessibility, and only a few people with approval by higher authority will be given access to the data.


Monitor effectiveness of the surgery

The major issue that any doctor faces is to get track of responses once the surgery is done. TeamingWay makes it easy for doctors by giving patients or their caretakers a way to comment about their condition. Next, doctors can track the patient's responses after the surgery by calculating average pain, fatigue or any other reactions simply through the exclusive monitoring reports.

Health Analytics
Stream Chat

Keep communication in real-time

Doctors and healthcare professionals often need proper discussion and evaluation of their surgical plans. However, collaboration with the seniors and other experts can help them make it quick and also think it through. Doctors can attach pictures of surgical plans; to coordinate with other doctors and figure out all the elements they require for surgery. They can discuss, plan and ensure successful surgical planning with all team members.

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Improve efficiency through recur tasks

Doctors can have repeated duties, and if it’s the same or even in a rotation, creating it, again and again, can be stressful. With the recurring tasks feature of TeamingWay, healthcare professionals can simply have it sorted and be efficient with their workflow in every way.

Recur Task
Health Collaboration

Collaborate with other departments

Doctors can manage their communication and collaboration with other departments such as inventory, IT, managers or any team. They can simply interconnect the departments to run the place smoothly.


Streamlining all the processes


Task management

Each team, even doctors, is assigned with their duties for a day. Any healthcare professional can manage the scheduling of the tasks in real-time and track the progress throughout the day through Teamingway.

Host a Meeting

Managed Training sessions

Training sessions require high productivity, especially in the healthcare industry. Be it doctors, pharmacists, or students, TeamingWay simply gives you all features to make an event successful and efficient.

Stream Real Time Chat

Manage meetings and awareness sessions through Stream

Streams allow doctors and other professionals to come together and work as a team. They can discuss cases, spread awareness, host a meeting or even consultation sessions to offer more facilitated services.

DocJo - Health-tech startup managing services through TeamingWay

DocJo says that Teamingway has made communication easy and reliable as they don't need any other apps to get through the team for real-time and quick communication anymore. Moreover, the customer service has become exceptional for them. Given the efficient features of TeamingWay, managers are able to track the objectives more efficiently, therefore it is easy for them to offer better and improved customer services. Additionally, the workflow has been smoothed, and it is quite easy for them to claim fast response and productivity.
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